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Help & FAQ

Shipping costs

Delivery to any New Zealand address is FREE! Deliveries outside NZ cost NZ$12.95 to any destination. See Delivery and shipping information for delivery times.


Delivery and shipping information

We endeavour to deliver all New Zealand deliveries within 10-15 buiness days from when you place your order. Some prescriptions will take up to 20 days depending on how technical they are. If there is any delay with your order, we will promptly inform you by email and advise the new extected delivery date.


Why are your glasses so cheap?

The glasses we supply come direct from the original place of manufacture. By supplying you direct, we cut out several layers of distribution that usually exists in the supply chain. Added to this, we are genuinely not greedy and don’t load our margins. Lastly by running an efficient process and keeping our overheads down enables us to pass on the savings we achieve to you in the form of lower priced glasses!

Ezyglasses is associated with low prices but not low quality!


Do you have an online frame try-on function where I can upload a photo of myself?

No we don't. Instead we have a 365 Day, Full Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee where you can order the glasses you think you'll love and if you find them not quite what you wanted, you can return them for a FULL REFUND.

Why do we offer this?
The main reason we don't have an online frame try-on function is because it has a very limited use and can actually be counter-productive.
There's a big difference between adding frames to a photo of yourself and actually trying them on. For instance, how can you tell whether they will dig into your temples, or maybe the arms will be too long and they'll keep falling off - or worse still, they're too short and they attempt to pull your ears further forward on your head!
It's easy to make a buying decision because you love the look of yourself with a particular frame, but don't forget you have to wear them, so comfort and fit are important too.

By offering our satisfaction guarantee, you can get the glasses you love, in your perfect prescription, and take a whole year to make your decision - at absolutely no risk to yourself!


Where are you located?

We are a 100% New Zealand owned and located company. Ezyglasses.co.nz is located at 2052 State Highway 10, Waipapa, Kerikeri. Ezyglasses is a trading name of Ezylens Ltd.


Do you offer a reglazing service?

We do not offer a reglazing service. All our frames and lenses are made up for us in contract laboratories outside New Zealand so we are unable to use them to put new lenses into customers own frames.

But why bother? Its more cost effective to get brand new glasses from Ezyglasses.co.nz than it is to reglaze your old frames!


How do I obtain my prescription?

If you don't have a copy of your prescription (it should be less than 2 years old) request a copy from your Eye Care Professional. They are legally required to supply a copy to you - after all, you paid them money to test you didn't you!? 

The easiest way is to ring or email them and request they fax or email your prescription so you don't have to physically pick it up. Any future eye tests, get a copy at the time. 


My prescription doesn't have a PD measurement on it!!!

Strangely this is a common situation! Some optometrists don't include this in the actual prescription for some reason. Read how to obtain this measurement yourself here


What if I don’t like them – or they don’t fit when I get them?

This is the most common concern that people have when buying anything online, and glasses – especially prescription glasses – where there’s a degree of customisation with the lenses, are probably the worst product to have this fear.


All the risk is on us! You can have total peace of mind when you buy your glasses from Ezyglasses. All products are covered by a 365 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This means you have 365 days to own your glasses, and at the same time, making up your mind whether you love them or not. If not, you can return them anytime within 365 days for a full refund!
It doesn’t matter what your reason is, it could be any of the following: uncomfortable fit, wrong colour, wrong lenses, faulty/inferior quality… whatever it is, if you’re not happy then neither are we.

This guarantee underlines our commitment to total customer satisfaction and also the belief we have in our own products.


Where are the glasses made?

Most of our glasses are sourced from their original place of manufacture in China. More expensive frames are sourced from various wholesalers, some locally in New Zealand and others from other countries. The lenses are fitted to the frames at the factory and are then shipped to us. They are received by us, checked for quality and dispatched to you. Delivery to you occurs usually the following day from when we receive them. We stringently quality check the glasses including samples prior to listing them on our website to ensure they meet our quality requirements.

We do not ever wish to be associated with low quality – just low prices!

Interestingly, many glasses sold today for hundreds of dollars are made in China of the same materials and to the same specifications as the glasses we sell!


How to order your glasses

1) Before you place an order for glasses, you need to have a valid and current spectacle prescription. It is important that your prescription includes a PD or Pupillary Distance measurement. For more help with your prescription check out this page

2) Select your frames. The easiest way is to use the search tools on the left.

3) Enter your prescription. Once you have found your chosen frames, you can then enter your prescription details on the same page. Use the drop down boxes to enter the required information. If you have prescription information outside the options given in the drop down boxes, we will be unable to fulfill your order unfortunately. Click here for help with your prescription

If you find entering your prescriptoin confusing, you can upload a copy of your prescription instead and we'll do it all for you!

4) Adding anti-reflection coating or tints to your lenses. You can add anti-reflection coating or a tint to your lenses for an extra $15.95. This is optional.

5) Checkout and payment. Once you have selected your glasses and entered your prescription, proceed to checkout and payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Or you can pay by internet banking (direct credit) if you reside in NZ.

6) You’re done! In a few days your chosen glasses with your prescription included will be delivered to your door – saving you a serious amount of money. Easy!


Our glasses frames

All our frames are covered by our 365 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you're not happy with them for any reason, return them for a full refund!


The lenses

All our lenses are of exactly the same quality as what is supplied by optical retail stores. The lenses that are included in the price are 1.57 standard optical plastic lenses. These are excellent for normal use, however for higher prescriptions (+/- 5.00) they will tend to be thicker. All lenses have full, 100% UV protection and anti-scratch coating at no extra cost. Lens tints are also available.


Progressive and Bifocal lenses

We probably offer the cheapest progressive or bifocal glasses in New Zealand! Not all frames are suitable for these, so check the specifications of each frame for suitability or use the ‘Search by’ function on the left menu bar. If you require help to understand your prescription, check out this help page understanding your prescription If you have never worn progressives or bifocals before, they can sometimes take a few days to get used to.

Here are a few tips on how to get used to them:

Make sure your glasses fit securely and are comfortable on your face.

Avoid looking down, especially when walking.

When reading, lower your chin on to your chest and slowly raise your head until your vision becomes clear and focused. Keep your book in the same position.


Our returns policy

As all glasses supplied by us have a 365 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, there’s nothing more to say about returns! If you don’t like your glasses for any reason you can return them within 365 days for a full refund.