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That's right! You can get two glasses for the price of one - for a limited time


Buy 1 get another pair free!

Just select a pair of glasses from our $49.95 or higher price range, and you can get a free pair of $19.95 glasses at the same time. (Or if you don't like any of the $19.95 glasses, choose a higher priced pair and the discount will still apply.)

Here's what you need to do:

1) Select your $49.95 (or higher) glasses and add them to the shopping cart.

2) Now go and select a pair of $19.95 glasses and add these to your cart.

3) Once both are in your cart, proceed to checkout and enter this code: FREEGLASSES in the promotional code   box that is on the check out page. This will apply the discount to give you the free second pair of glasses free.


You are welcome to order different prescriptions in each pair of glasses, so why not order along with a friend if you don't want the second pair yourself?

Please note, if you order progressive or bifocal lenses, there will still be the extra cost for the lenses to pay, however the actual glasses valued at $19.95 will be free.

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